oneoverone studio notebooks

we are so excited to introduce the very first notebook we carry at a blank note!
these notebooks are designed and assembled by oneoverone studio in Taiwan featuring the best paper for fountain pen from Japan - Tomoe River Paper. the notebooks have a very simple look which allow you to create your own covers! either make a cover before start using the notebook with your washi tapes, inks and colors or create the cover after you finish writing with some memory pieces you are keeping in it :)
let's start with the Large (A5) notebook. this comes with 52gsm Tomoe River Paper, which is super light and thin. however surprisingly perfect for fountain pen writing that the ink does not bleed through the paper! the sheen and shades are perfectly showing.
you can see on the back of the paper, since it's pretty thin (52gsm) you can still see some writing traces from the previous page.
as we all love stamping in our journals, the paper is showing the beautiful ink colors beautifully with very nice details!
this is on the back of the page. depends on the ink pad you use and how much you apply to the stamp, different results might come out like this.
the small (A7) notebooks comes with 68gsm Tomoe River Paper, which is slightly thicker than the 52gsm in A5. as shown the sheen is shading beautifully. the A7 version comes with 368 pages but is still able to lay flat when you're writing. the smith-type sewn binding requires a lot of work; pages are sewn together first by batches then tightly glued to the binding.
like we mentioned, the papers are thicker in the A7 (68gsm) than in the A5 (52gsm) and here's how it looks on the back of the page.
here's how stamping looks on the 68gsm Tomoe River Paper. you can tell the thicker paper is enduring more inks.
we hope this gives you a better idea of the notebooks. please feel free to let us know via email, Facebook message or Instagram DM if you have any questions :)
till next time, happy journaling!