let's make a pocket insert for your traveler's notebook

this might take some time to learn this one, but we find it super useful especially if you own a Midori Traveler's Notebook. we've always loved to put everything we gather from shops and events to our MTN, this will come in handy especially when you travel. this pocket insert will offer some extra space to sort your collections on the road. also, keep it as it is with your travel note insert for the trip and make another one to go in your MTN!

another fun thing about this project is to be as creative as you want! you can choose to use any beautiful papers you own or simply use a piece of white paper and decorate it with stamping and washi tapes! just make sure the paper size is 8k (10.5" x 15.5") and this will make an insert pocket for a standard size MTN.

we hope you will have some fun and enjoy the making! please do share with us your creation by tagging us (@ablanknote or #ablanknote) in your Instagram post :D